2016 Andover Show Choirs Seniors & Alumni Performance

For the 2015-2016 season, Tom had the pleasure of leading “Andover Sound Machine”, the house band for Andover High School’s three gold-medal award-winning show choirs, Back to Bass-ics (all male), Nothin’ But Treble (all female), and From Start to Finish (mixed).

Monday, May 23, marked the end of the season, and the final performance included a special number for the seniors of the groups and all the alumni in attendance. ¬†With only 2 vocal and dance rehearsals, the seniors and alumni performed the 1992 Information Society hit, “Peace and Love, Inc”.

[youtube id=”HFRl3Py4ahE”]

The Andover Show Choirs are directed by Mark Mercer, with choreography by Beth Kennedy and Darvin Hernandez, accompanied by Andover Sound Machine, under the direction of Tom Cox.

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